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A total of 3000 IPX can be earned!

- Facebook like our page, like and share the pinned message will earn you 600 IPX.

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This airdrop will run until the tokensale starts or when the 10 million tokens are claimed. Earned IPX will be added to your wallet asap after the promotion is finished.

Share and Earn More!For every person you share this promotion with and completes the airdrop you will receive 20% of their earned tokens.


Defi Project Launching Soon!

As the future holder of the IPX Token we want to share with you some exciting news and tell You, why it is great to own some IPX tokens.

IPX token and ecosystem are currently being developed and will become a DeFi project. In few weeks you'll also see a tokensale start of IPX Token, so there is a huge potential in it. Be a part of it now and prepared for the future!

The IPX Token Airdrop will run until the token sale so be prepared!

Check the whitepaper below: