ImpulsX Passive System is the second platform that ImpulsX introduced and focuses on lower entry and allows you to build a lasting passive income. We utilize the trading experience we have to generate profits and share these profits with our users. Website: https://impulsxpassive.com
Any personal information that you provide to any of our businesses is privacy protected. Your information will never be shared or sold to anyone.
Minimum amount to get started is $10.
Withdrawals are manually processed 7 days a week and the minimum withdrawal limit is $15. Withdrawal are done once a day, and processed within 24 hours.
No you do not. Members of ImpulsX Passive System do not need to refer others to be able to earn money from the site. Members can join ImpulsX Passive System and purchase as many packs and simply let the system do the work for them.
Of course! 10% of the sold packs of your direct referrals will immediately be paid out as commission to you. Plus the 2% as the matrix commission
There are 3 ways of earning with ImpulsX Passive System
1. User Bonus - Buy packs and earn for a lifetime;
2. Referral Bonus - Direct Referral Commissions on packs bought by your direct referrals;
3. Tree Bonus - Matrix Commissions.
When a user buys a pack then 10% ($1) goes to the direct referrer of that person. 30% ($3) go to tree commissions at 2% ($0.20) per level. You must be qualified for a level to earn from it based on the career plan. 60% ($6) go into a trading fund and is used by ImpulsX to trade cryptocurrencies with. Once a week on Monday the trading profits are shared with the users and this percentage can be up to 2.5% of your total amount of packs.

Career plan:

Qualified user: you purchased a pack and you are qualified to earn from 4 levels

Silver sponsor: you referred 2 qualified users and you yourself purchased at least 20 packs - earn from 8 levels

Gold sponsor: you referred 5 qualified users and you yourself purchased at least 100 packs - earn from 12 levels

Diamond sponsor: you referred 10 qualified users and you yourself purchased at least 500 packs - earn from 15 levels

Yes, you can! In this case your sponsor will be the Admin of the ImpulsX.
No, there are no monthly costs.
You can contact support by sending an e-mail to [email protected] or just use a contact form in back office
Yes, we do and it is called the IPX token! The IPX token runs on the ERK blockchain and can be traded on EurekaX.io. With IPX token we offer staking too! By just buying and holding your IPX tokens in your EurekaX wallet, you get 0.06% staking rewards daily. That is 1.8% per month, just by holding your tokens in the EurekaX wallet! Furthermore, we have installed a buyback and burn program for IPX. This means that a part of the net profit of ImpulsX Passive System will be used to buyback and burn IPX from the market.
We accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT (OMNI) Litecoin and Tron (TRX) as payment options.
No, multi accounts are not allowed and will be deleted.
You are allowed 5 IP accounts per 1 IP address, 1 account per person, so you can invite your family into the business.
No, there is no option to sell packs
Yes, you can compound weekly. Remember that you need at least 40 packs to be able to compound every week, based on 2.5% weekly profit
Yes, we recommend using https://madinvestor.net/calculator
Currently capital is divided in 3 bots and backings
nBot: swing trades on EurekaX (USDT pairs)
Futures bot: day trades/swing trades on Binance USDT-futures
Bitsgap bot: arbitrage trades on various exchanges
Backed by ERK, IPX and other crypto holdings of ImpulsX Limited
Backed by ImpulsX.club training and trading program
Yes, you can find everything on MadInvestor Brand which we cooperate with:
Yes there are in several languages, you can also ask your questions there. See for the agenda in social media. You can also find details after Registration in the „promotion” Tab.
In your wallet every monday over your own package. Instant every time somebody in your matrix buy a pack. 10% for a direct referral and 2% for all the rest of the positions in your matrix.
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